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Defining Moments by Dorothea S. McArthur

Earning 9 awards and many favorable reviews, this highly recommended book is a wonderful, year-round read to refer to again and again. Each one of the 66 chapters provides a unique insight from Dr. Dorothea McArthur, A Diplomate Clinical Psychologist with 35 years in private practice, that can be applied to your own way of thinking. Examples and solutions are provided for your every day challenges such as relating to others, struggling with loss, parenting and techniques to utilize one's own inner, natural assets while emphasizing integrity honesty and ethical behavior as a means of building depth-of-character, self-esteem and inner richness for creating a more fulfilling life.

Dr. McArthur guides you in handling your knockdowns from foreclosure, natural
disaster, illness, or other loss so that you can get back up again. Accompany Dr. McArthur, a sensitive, deeply caring, experienced psychotherapist, through her walks in nature, disguised therapy dialogues, and her inner thoughts to absorb the defining moments that will help you with the struggles of your life. If psychotherapy is financially out of your reach, this book will teach you how to :

  • Deal with insomnia and depression the natural way
  • Find new ways to live through grief
  • Use the power of nature to empower you
  • Allow negative feelings to guide you in understanding unresolved conflicts
  • Find an enduring romantic relationship, and nourishing friendships
  • Devise a career that uses your strengths so that you can enjoy work
  • Use your integrity and morality as a foolproof way to build self-esteem and improve society
  • Raise children well, especially those with special needs
  • Find good psychotherapy at a reduced fee

In her daily psychotherapy practice, Dr. McArthur has found that many clients have current behaviors that they originally learned in childhood to survive and cope with parental problems. Each client and Dr. McArthur examine specific memories, feelings and misconceptions that may have caused depression, anxiety and anger. This therapeutic process, in which the younger part of the self learns to compassionately dialogue with the grown part of the client, creates an understanding that will result in depth of character and new effective behaviors for the present and the future.

Each reader can select from the 66 chapters those specific examples that apply to your particular life struggle to help you resolve and open the door to restoring a satisfactory life with new opportunities.  

Dr. McArthur also addresses many larger “societal problems” raised by her clients that need to be understood and resolved by the leaders of this nation. The overall goal is to increase our collective sense of “successful belonging” within a community through heightened ethical honest behavior to nourish personal, professional, environmental and global interrelationships.

Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times has also been designed as a valuable text for psychotherapists and graduate students in Clinical Psychology. Dr. McArthur’s many stories, dialogues and essays, from a psychodynamic frame of reference, provide a way for students and therapists to compare and contrast specific psychological help with other theoretical orientations.

Earning 9 awards and many favorable reviews, this highly recommended book is a wonderful, year-round read to refer to again and again.

This book is easy to obtain through Amazon.com and other online booksellers!


“This book will help you through the troubles you face! Quickly drawn into this book, I am amazed at the tidbits of wisdom that come out of each chapter. Written to assist the layperson, the professional will also find it an invaluable resource." -- Readers Favorite - 5 Star Review

“A truly thought-provoking, informative work that is sorely needed to erase all the negativity in today's society. This book offers real, practical help, and shows the need of being able to change to the positive.  The author should be commended for her work and her words. This book is truly a gift.” -- Feathered Quill Reviews

“Defining Moments was one of those life changing books for me. She addresses wide ranging issues from personal struggles to societal issues that impact us all. I was mesmerized by the writing of the first story. I sat spellbound for a very long time and felt so incredibly empowered. Dr. McArthur’s writing has the power to change many lives.” -- Blogcritics.org

"Highly Recommended without hesitation. Dr. McArthur's compassion and knowledge are outstanding. The book ends with 28 steps to leading and coping in a successful life. Her words flow easily, all concepts are very understandable." -- Allbooks Review International

"Defining Moments will help you through the struggles you face! The book is written in layman terms, easy to read, easy to understand to assist those who need help but cannot seek it. People don't always know how to deal with the problems they face. Dorothea McArthur offers hope and encouragement. An invaluable resource!" -- Readers Favorite Reviews

"Well-written, thoughtful, enjoyable and with important insight!" -- Bandelier Girl Reviews

"Change your life for the better! Recommended. You can gain wisdom and knowledge from McArthur's educational, highly readable book." -- Rebecca's Reads (5 stars)

"Recommend without reservations! Dr. McArthur's writing has the power to change many lives... I felt incredibly empowered. Her approach is down to earth and practical. Relevant, current, enlightening. This book will help many handle their individual struggles and become much happier after doing so. A life changing book!" -- Blog Critics Review

"The main message is to help you get going again when you've been knocked down by some life event. It offers down-to-earth, practical advice on coping with complex human dilemmas and offers a calm sea of practical applications to help an individual to be more centered and regain a sense of empowerment, reducing their anger, anxiety and depression. And it is also a guide for those who want to learn from one of the most accomplished in the field of clinical psychology." -- Pacific Book Review

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