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Dorothea has written four other books besides her highly reviewed Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times.

"A truly thought-provoking, informative work that is sorely needed to erase the negativity in today's society." - Feathered Quill Reviews

In 1982, Dr. McArthur coauthored the manual with Dr. Glen Roberts of the Roberts Apperception Test for Children (RATC), a projective test that has been used widely with over a million children. By 1988, she had published one of the few books on the borderline patient, written specifically for educated lay public, clients, and therapists entitled Birth of a Self in Adulthood, which is a five-star book available on Amazon.com.

Two other books are being completed for publication. The first is Love Beyond Love, a memoir of Dorothea’s family journey through open, closed and cooperative adoption and all of the learning that took place for everyone. In this book, Dorothea has also shared the knowledge she gained from assisting many members of the adoption triangle, (adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive parents) within her practice.

Tomorrow’s Child has been written with the help of award winning author, Suzanne Arms. This book contains a Parent-Child Checklist and a set of Children’s Rights with ways to actualize those needs and rights. Responsibilities of parents and teachers are presented within the home and community through specific case examples.

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