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Dr. McArthur graduated with a BA from the University of Rochester in English Literature.  She then attended Columbia University and the Arts Studentsí League in New York City to acquire qualifications for her to achieve a Master of Arts in Teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design in sculpture and drawing.  She then taught art to middle schoolers.

Dorothea (known as Dorrie) married David and moved to the west coast,  acquired a Masters, Doctorate and Diplomate in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.  She is currently in private practice.  (See section on Psychotherapy  for details). She has also written eight books.

Dorothea and her husband adopted their daughter, Kendall, at birth and began a cooperative adoption in which their daughter visited periodically with her birth family.  Kendall is  presently in  contact with all of her extended birth family while both birth and adoptive mothers have respected and enjoyed time with each other.

In 1994, McArthur created the Independent Psychotherapy Network, a group of fifteen psychotherapists meeting monthly to share information for the purpose of maintaining their clinical practices at the highest level of quality.  She has been elected their president for the past twenty-five years. (therapyinla.com)

In her spare time, Dorrie does gardening with succulents and takes expeditions into nature.  She and her husband have enjoyed thirty years of choral singing, resulting in performances at the Los Angeles Olympic Ceremonies, Hollywood Bowl and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  Together they rescue and care for many dogs and cats who have lived in their home over 50 years of marriage.

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