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As a Psychotherapist, I Wish That...

Everyone in the world would agree to do three kind, loving, and helpful acts for someone else, an animal, a bird, plant or the environment each week. These acts would be above and beyond anything each one of us does in the normal course of a day. Such acts of help do not need to involve money, so that everyone could participate in some way. Every religion, and culture knows what an act of kindness is. Therefore, we donít need to disagree.

What would happen if the radio and television reported peopleís kind actions and what needs to be done instead of the murders and acts of violence that get on the news each day? Letís calculate. There would be trillions of acts of kindness each week. Would that number be enough to overwhelm the acts of violence so much that aggressive acts would reduce in number because they would lose their appeal? We might begin to look at war as useless, inappropriate and even stupid. The environment would be protected, along with the animals and plants.

There would not be so much stress, sorrow, physical illness, mental disorder, death, destruction, and post-traumatic stress. Instead, we might begin to see joy, hope, and gratitude in a much expanded way, not only from the people who receive the acts of kindness, but from the persons who give the acts of kindness. There really is no better way to feel joy and build self-esteem. We would feel more creative and encouraged to come up with new good acts of compassion.

We are all so stymied by the multiple problems in the world each one of us feels that there is little we, as individuals, can do about it. So we trudge onward, taking what we can for ourselves, donating our own small part, often wishing we could make a larger mark on the troubles of the world.

This is such a simple idea, but with such large positive ramifications in so many areas of life.
Would we ever be able to coordinate with each other around the world enough to give it a try? Just for one whole year? Could we use the United Nations and the internet to spread the idea from one country to another? We could do the necessary research to look at the results. The outcome might just be staggering. Is there any viable reason not to give it a try?

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