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BIG SUNDAY happened last weekend in Los Angeles. This event started ten years ago with thirty people who decided to volunteer, donate expertise, and materials to non-profit organizations and schools for one day. Ten years later, 50,000 people have become involved and the event now encompasses two days. Volunteer workers have bonded with
some of the nonprofit projects and returned during the year to maintain the work they’ve initiated. The givers and receivers have both benefited from the exchange.

I wonder what would happen if we were able to accomplish the same result with another important issue? With modern technology, we are now able to reach around the globe very
quickly to everywhere except the most remote villages. What if we were to start with one day a year when everyone in the world would refrain from doing any violence of any sort?

This would mean that war would stop, suicide bombers would desist, parents would not abuse their children, siblings would not squabble, gang members would not shoot anyone, robbers would not break into homes and stores, and couples would not engage in domestic violence. Road rage would stop. No one would be raped, murdered, or sexually abused on that day.

Everyone would be fairly warned long ahead of time as to the date and time. Everyone would be ready. Police would have a relaxed, boring day because so much aggression would come to a halt. The naysayers would chime in quickly, “What if some group took advantage of the situation?” If the rest of the world cooperated, they would lose support for whatever damage they did very fast. Police and military would stay on alert.

If we were able to accomplish this for one day, then we could try for two days per year, or one day every six months. If that worked, we could try one day every three months. Perhaps we could work our way to one day every month. What would such a day be like? As a therapist, I’ve listened and treated clients with so many stories of aggression and abuse. We’ve never seen the world without human aggression. Could we unlock our doors, feel the quiet of no police sirens, and walk down the street at night without being on alert for trouble? In place of being aggressive, we could relax our guard against aggression from others. Instead we might become moved to substitute an act of compassion for someone
else, an animal, or the environment. Compassion is the opposite of violence. No violence and billions of acts of kindness all on one day could change the world forever.

We could see how we feel without aggression. Would nature reduce violence through hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, volcanos, tornadoes, heat waves, and droughts on those
same days? Would the universe quietly rejoice with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, gorgeous days, and blooming flowers?

Want to try it? Aren’t you curious?. Who will come forward to start organizing it? Let me know what you think and what you’re willing to do. I’ll help. You bet I will.

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