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Dorothea McArthur, PhD, ABPP is a Diplomate Clinical Psychologist in private practice for the past thirty-six years. She is also a wife, mother, grandmother, artist, choral singer and author of eight books. If you have been hit by financial difficulties, natural disaster, illness or any other loss, please read about Dorothea’s latest book entitled Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times

"One of the most accomplished in the field of clinical psychology." - Pacific Book Review

If You Are Hit, You Don't Have to Fall

I Wonder What Would Happen If...
As a Psychotherapist, I Wish That...

"Defining Moments will help you through the struggles you face!" - Readers Favorite Reviews








Dorothea in her office








9 Awards!

  • USA Best Book Awards

  • New England Book Festival

  • London Book Festival

  • Pinnacle Book Awards

  • Great Northwest Book Festival

  • Five Star Book Awards (2 awards)

  • Reviewers Choice Awards (2 awards)

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